US emphasis on military solution despite its admission of debacle

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Although US Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis admitted that the United States was not winning in Afghanistan while testifying before the US Senate Armed Services Committee a few days ago, the American emphasis on war has provoked many concerns in the country. 


Political and military analysts say the American admission that it is winning the war in Afghanistan on the one hand, and increasing the drivers and causes for the continuation of the war on the other hand escalate the suspicion that the winning or losing of Afghan war is no longer important to Americans because they puruse their interests only in a destabilized Afghanistan. 

They believe the US has not achieved any of its publicly-announced goals in Afghanistan; therefore, there is a need for a peaceful solution to the conflict so that it won’t aggravate. 

Yousef Amin Zazai, a political expert, said on the one side, the United States itself confessed to its failure in the Afghan war, but on the other side, it was planning to send additional troops to prolong the war, and repeating the failed experience. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, he said: "America came to Afghanistan to eliminate terrorists, but they rather became stronger.” The US was publicly campaigning to establish a strong government in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, there was a historically most unstable government in power in the country; thus the American failure should now become a start for a peaceful solution of the conflict.  

It seemed that the winning or losing of Afghan war was not important for US because it sought its goals only in an unstable Afghanistan, though which it was able to pose a threat to its regional rivals, Zazai concluded. 

Gen. Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military expert, stressed that unless the US changed its policy in Afghanistan, neither would it succeed in Afghanistan, nor would Afghanistan reach stability. "If it was possible to restore stability to Afghanistan through fighting, it would be accomplished 15 years ago,” he added, maintaining that the time had come for the US to pursue its interests in stability in Afghanistan not in instability, which was quite possible.

The US should have diverted its focus to a political solution after its admission of failure of the military option, Amarkhail argued, warning that the US troop surge and more investment in war only not could not bring stability to Afghanistan, but would also destabilize the entire region besides Afghanistan through the intensification of proxy wars. 

Though the US has not yet declared its new Afghan strategy, The Associated Press has said quoting some American officials that the new strategy included the deployment of 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. 

American officials had described the troop surge as a good weapon to pressure and drag defiant Taliban to the negotiations table


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