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Axon Media Group (AMG):

Axon Media Group (AMG), established in 2008, is a leading, reliable private group offering media and cultural services in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Founded by, and at the helm of Hameed Nasary, AMG is an umbrella organization for Spogmai and Saar FM Radio Stations, The Heart of Asia Daily, Maseer Daily, Waygal Printing Co., Aksos Bookstore and Smart Student Online Store, and employs tens of young Afghan professionals.

Hameed Nasary:

Hameed Nasary was born on January 22, 1981 in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province. Nasary has graduated from the Pashtu Department of Language and Literature Faculty of Kabul University, and also taken several short-term courses in journalism, business, management, and languages. He has also served as the Spokesperson of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture, and Special Secretary at the Presidential Palace.

Spogmai Radio:

Spogmai Radio Station started broadcasting different programs in Kabul and Kandahar City on FM 102.2 frequency in October 2008. Covering approximately eight million population living in Kabul City and the surrounding areas, Spogmai Radio has become popular, and built a substantial audience base in a very short time span. The broadcaster’s online service has also been warmly welcome by its fans, with its Facebook page liked by about 700,000 people. Spogmai Radio brings a variety of news, political, social and entertainment programs to its audience. Follow below links to visit Spogmai Radio’s website and other social media pages:

Spogmai Radio is a partner of China Radio International (CRI), a state-owned international radio broadcaster of the People's Republic of China, in Afghanistan. It airs CRI’s Pashtu programs in Kabul and Kandahar. According to surveys conducted by reliable organizations, Spogmai Radio has been recognized as the most listened to media outlet, and one fully compliant with standards of professional journalism.

The Heart of Asia Daily:

The Heart of Asia is Afghanistan’s English-language newspaper publishing national, regional and global news, hot topics, and in-depth analyses on daily basis in Kabul. The majority of its readers are Afghan politicians, university students, and foreign diplomats. The Heart of Asia has a daily circulation of 3,000 copies in Kabul and other major cities of Afghanistan. The paper also available online at was launched in 2016 with the mission to serve as a source of information that is fully committed to, and reflects, the voice and national interests of Afghanistan and Afghan people in an international language.

Maseer Daily :

Maseer, launched in 2017, is a leading daily newspaper published in Pashtu and Dari languages in Kabul. Covering various topics, including daily news, features, entertainment and other informative articles, Maseer Daily reflects issues and grievances mostly ignored by both the government and the opposition, despite being deleterious to a civilized Afghanistan. Maseer has a daily distribution of 3,000 copies in Kabul and other major cities of Afghanistan. A large percentage of Maseer readers are Afghan politicians, culturists, university students, and foreign diplomats. The paper is also accessible online at

Aksos Bookstore:

Aksos Bookstore, established in 2014, is the largest and most famous bookshop in Kabul. It has immensely contributed to the revitalization and promotion of culture of reading. Aksos Bookstore has also launched an initiative of standard translation from foreign languages to Pashtu for the first time in Afghanistan, and is now in full swing. The bookshop was also the first to roll out online book sale and delivery service in the country, inviting a warm welcome. Aksos Bookstore’s main branch is daily visited by approximately 500 book lovers, 60 percent of whom are buyers. Website:

Saar Radio Station:

Saar Radio network broadcasts programs on FM 102.8 frequency in Kabul. All of its programs are particularly focused on economic and health topics, which has been warmly welcome by most of its audience. Saar FM also airs useful and interesting information about different aspects of the life of Afghan people.


Waygal Printing Co.

Waygal Printing Co. offers high quality, fast printing services. Founded in Kabul in 2017, the concern rapidly grew and carved out a top niche in the printing industry. It is capable of printing a variety of materials, including books, newspapers, etc., and has a broad clientele.

Smart Student:

Smart Student is a new brand of stationery, technology, and sports kits produced in high quality in China, and then transported to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Afghanistan. A large portion of the Smart Student products are sold wholesale, online and to retailers in Kabul and UAE. Customers can buy their favorite Smart Student products online at or from Afghanistan’s popular stores.

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