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The tragedy of Ghazni; the repeat of a “repeated mistake”

There is a popular proverb saying, “Prevention is better than treatment or cure.” It is so because prevention is cheaper than treatment and at the same time protects the body from any harm that may be caused by intake of medication prescribed to treat the disease. It denotes that it is always better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than to fix it once it has happened. The same formula is applicable to security. Security forces should try their best to keep conflict away from civilians and residential areas. If they fail to do so, the job becomes harder for them in the next phase. They are forced to engage with militants in densely populated and residential areas. The same happened in Ghazni. Although there were reports about Taliban planning to attack Ghazni city since a couple of months, the security apparatus failed to prevent the Taliban’s infiltration into the city due to negligence or a deal, leading to the fall of many parts of the city into the hands of rebels. To spread panic among the residents, the insurgents either destroyed or torched government and public properties because they know they cannot hold the city for...

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