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The new challenges for education

Afghanistan had had significant gains in the education sector in terms of quantity until a few years ago. Schools were open in many areas of the country, though the war was ongoing. Besides boys, girls also had access to education in some rural areas, and the prospects for education were promising. However, challenges for education in the country have been on an upward trajectory in recent years. There have been reports of schools being torched. Very recently, schools have been faced with new, big challenges in Logar and Nangarhar provinces. In Nangarhar, the Daesh terrorist group has warned schools, while the Ministry of Education has instructed all schools in Logar to remain closed following Taliban’s closure order. Even a number of schools have been set ablaze in these provinces. Any obstacles to education process can pose a major threat to the future of the country. If Afghans are deprived of schooling once again, they will more likely experience all the current miseries for several decades to come. The more Afghan people are deprived of education, the higher the room for interference of enemies in the country. Unfortunately, the enemies of Afghanistan have enough exploited the weakness so far, and no...

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