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Undeterred by threats, Afghans heroically turn out to vote for parliament

Despite the bitter experience of previous elections, Afghan people once again proved on Saturday and Sunday that they strongly believe in the democratic process. They turned out in unexpectedly large numbers to vote in the country’s third parliamentary election since the ouster of the Taliban regime, in the face of serious security threats as well as doubts and questions surrounding the transparency of the poll. The general assumption was that Taliban threats and recent tragic incidents would prevent voters from going to the polls, but the nation once more showed that they have the potential and determination to stand on their own feet. In many areas where the polling centers were open, voters had queued up at the crack of dawn before the election employees arrived in the polling centers. This showed that Afghan people are committed to shaping their future, and stand ready to pay any price to accomplish this goal. In spite of the unanticipated high voter turnout, the election was unfortunately marred by mismanagement, as usual. Contrary to its claims of being fully prepared for the ballot, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) failed to properly manage the election. While it was expected that there will be some...

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