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The likely delay in presidential poll for peace

The United States is reportedly weighing to request Afghan government to postpone the upcoming presidential election. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Washington is mulling over an option how to urge Kabul to suspend the 2019 presidential poll. According to the report, two other options possibly on the table include creation of an interim government through a Loya Jirga or convening of a conference similar to that held in Bonn, Germany in 2001 that led to the establishment of a post-Taliban administration in Kabul. The idea, the report cites, has been floated by Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, who is trying to convince President Ghani, who has already announced his intention to run for re-election in the next year’s presidential ballot, to agree to the suspension of the poll. The Afghan government, however, has voiced opposition to the plan, with President Ghani’s close aides declaring soon after the report was released that the government was committed to holding the election as scheduled, and that election was the only way for transfer of power. Election and the resultant peaceful transition of power from one administration to another is certainly the greatest achievement of the last...

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