Analysts: Gov't leaders justify US actions for their stay in power

Monday, 17 April 2017 04:02 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 157 times

A number of analysts say the foreign troops, especially Americans, committed actions breaching the security pacts signed with Afghan government, and also violated some international laws following the creation of the National Unity Government (NUG). 


The analysts believe the president and his chief executive officer either justify the illegitimate actions of Americans, or remain silent over many incidents in a bid to please Americans to leave them in power. 

Gen. Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military expert, said the bombardment of Doctors without Borders (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, the killing of 33 civilians in the Boz-e-Kandahari area of that province and the non-implementation of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) were the clear instances justified by Afghan officials. 

"Americans finally admitted to the wrong doings, but government officials were still stressing that terrorists were killed in Kunduz incidents. Thus, it means the officials cannot show any reaction against the wrong actions of the United States,” Amarkhail added. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, Amarkhail stressed that if the government had wanted to react to the illegal actions of foreign troops, it would have sent technical teams from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) to Achin district to evaluate the impacts of the largest bomb tested by US military; however, the president and the CEO, on the contrary, were cheering up. 

Another incident of the same nature over which the government remained silence happened in the Nad Ali district of southern Helmand province almost one and a half month ago. 

Foreign troops killed about 22 civilians in two airstrikes hitting two different areas on the same night in that district, but the central government did not show any reaction to the incidents. 

Mohammad Ismail Shariatyar, a civil society activist in Helmand, told The Heart of Asia: "Killing civilians is a crime, but when the government does defend its people, it emboldens the foreigners to repeat the same incidents." 

The government leaders did not care about the people, but themselves to stay in power, he concluded. 

Meanwhile, Fazal Menullah Mumtaz, a political expert, said the president and the chief executive officer have been ready to act on any US orders to remain in power. "This became very clear when NUG leaders signed the security pact with the US without any conditions only seven hours after they took over power.” 

Mumtaz believed that international troops committed actions on daily basis the government covered from the people and media. 

According to him, the government seemed happier than foreign troops about the Achin incident which was denounced by many politicians, civil society activists and ordinary people. 

In press statements, the government talks of its coordination with foreign troops in all areas. A presidential press release says that the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb was dropped in the Momandara area of Achin district at the behest of the government. 



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