The terrible consequences of Kabul security plan for people

Tuesday, 01 May 2018 02:43 Written by  Read 123 times

The ongoing war in Afghanistan has reached a level that Afghans no longer can tolerate. The conflict is increasingly turning ever uglier, and is exacting a terrible toll on people. Every new incident is more barbaric and heart-rending than the previous one. While Afghans are still reeling in shock and grief with the latest fatalities of a suicide attack on a voter registration center in Dashte Barchi, the terrorists spilled yet more blood in Kabul. Scores of families are mourning the loss of their loved ones. The terrorists once again killed innocent civilians in cold blood, and once again tens of humans “took their dreams for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan to their graves”.
On Monday, twin suicide attacks in Kabul left scores dead, including journalists, and dozens wounded. The first suicide bomber riding a motorbike detonated his explosives at a checkpoint guarded by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Shash Darak, while the second bomber posing as a journalist blew himself up when the reporters arrived at the scene of the first explosion, martyring nine journalists in addition to other civilians, and injuring several others.
The warring sides, particularly the militants, are not committed to any rules of war. They recklessly target Afghan people who have nothing to do with the war. The media staffs are not a party to the conflict that they are targeted such inhumanly. Besides government, how the Taliban, who claim to enjoy public support, can attack the “powerless and unarmed targets” such as journalists.
The bloody terror attacks in Kabul come as leaders of the National Unity Government along with their foreign allies have long been claiming that the Kabul security plan is under implementation. The security plan of President Ghani-led government for the capital has backfired similar to its other plans. The plan not only has not contributed to security and stability in the city, but it has also created more headache for residents by shutting roads for public traffic. The Kabul security plan may protect government officials behind blast walls, but the consequences for ordinary citizens are catastrophic such as yesterday’s terror attacks. Government leaders should not treat such incidents superficially; they have to understand that history records their failures and will therefore judge them accordingly.

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