Continuity of unruliness of local officials

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Governments will certainly fail without the support of people because they are the foundation of the stability of a government. This foundation can only be consolidated through strong bond between the people and government. If people consider the government as the defender of their rights, they feel the responsibility to support the government, something which surely results in a strong government.
One major problem in Afghanistan is the wide distance between the public and the government. In many cases, people don’t consider the government as their representative. Instead of viewing the government as a service provider, they think it is an extra headache for them, largely because of the behavior of government officials towards people. Government officials, especially at the local level, sometimes treat ordinary people in a way that alienates them.
At a press conference in Kabul on Sunday, some Pashtun and Tajik residents of Bamyan province complained about the misbehavior of local administration, accusing the provincial governor of disobeying orders of the central government, and establishing a self-governed administration. According to them, the provincial governor has flouted at least 200 orders of the central government.
Despite the bad experience of the past, the central government unfortunately doesn’t view the disobedience of local officials as a major threat. The government has not given due priority to address the problem. Instead putting the unruly local officials on trial and holding them accountable for their actions, they have been given more privileges through political deals, a practice that has seriously undermined the reputation of the government and the state.
In some instances, the central government acts as if it is unable to control the defiant local officials. It is unjustifiable because if the central government cannot control its officials, it is not a government, then. Even if we acknowledge that the central government is really weak, it is more the indifference than weakness of the government to blame for the unruliness of local officials. The central government doesn’t try to curb the disobedience of officials who are not very strong. Bamyan is a textbook example of such negligence. If the president really wants, he can easily prevent the malpractice and discriminatory behavior of Bamyan governor.


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