The need to create climate of trust for peace

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 03:25 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 484 times

It seems impossible to bring peace to Afghanistan without regional consensus. As long as there is no unanimity among regional and global powers on Afghanistan, Afghan conflict is not going to end. The role of Afghan government here is crucial. Through an active foreign policy, it has to create an environment where no country considers the relations of another country with Kabul a threat to its interests, something that can build the required consensus, and prevent foreign interference in Afghan affairs.
Russia, Iran, and Pakistan are concerned about the growing activities of Daesh in Afghanistan, an issue they use to justify their contacts and support with Taliban. To alleviate their concerns, Afghan government has put forward a very logical proposal to these nations. Speaking at the second Meeting of the Kabul Process, Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar proposed carrying out joint intelligence investigations into the activities of Daesh in Afghanistan. He has said that Afghan government and the intelligence officials of these countries will visit the areas retaken from Daesh. Additionally, he has also told Russia in particular that its intelligence officials together with Afghan government can interrogate detained Daesh terrorists so as to find out where they have come from and who are supporting them.
Such steps are very useful for trust building. If such investigations give assurances to regional countries that Daesh is not an “American conspiracy”, they will have no reason to justify their links and support with the Taliban. In that case, all regional states that have contacts with Taliban or influence over their leadership, from Russia and Pakistan to China and Iran, should nudge the Taliban to the negotiating table with Afghan government. Because by then, these countries should have been assured that the Taliban insurgency can pave the way for the activities of other terror groups, including Daesh, which not only threatens the stability of the entire region, but also gives the West, especially the United States, a pretext to have a military presence in Afghanistan, something the regional powers view as an “American attempt” to keep them in check.


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