For how long more will Afghans pay the price for security failures?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 03:32 Written by  Read 234 times

Three massive attacks in the high-security areas of capital Kabul in a week devastating hundreds of Afghan families underscore repeated failures of the country’s security apparatus, particularly intelligence services.

The enemy is without a shadow of a doubt brutal, but our security institutions are more negligent and unsuccessful, and are led by individuals who not only would have already stepped down but also left the country if they had had a sense of shame. Instead of showing moral courage and admitting their failures, they are always looking for ways to justify their failures. Sometimes they argue that the enemies have lost capability to put up a face-to-face fight with Afghan forces; therefore they have resorted to attacking soft targets. Or sometimes they reason it is a complex war. 

In response to the explosion that killed over 100 people on Saturday, the Ministry of Interior Affairs has said the suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden ambulance was prevented from reaching his target. It is a very ridiculous argument. It is like “when someone gets shot in the head, and dies, and another person comes and says, oh thank God! He is not shot in the eye.” The enemy carries out an attack a few hundred meters away from the country’s key security installations, especially the National Directorate of Security (NDS), and inflicts casualties on hundreds of people, but the security apparatuses still argue the enemy has lost ability to face Afghan forces. 

The failure of Afghan security institutions, mainly the intelligence service, has reached a scale that nothing can justify it. Neither the rhetoric that the enemy is cruel nor the pretext that it is a complex war can anymore justify the recurrent failures. If security leaders know the war is complex, and the enemy is brutal, and are also unable to control the situation, why they are endangering the lives of their fellow citizens by staying in their positions. 

Government leaders should admit the security and intelligence failures, and explore solutions. As long as they keep attempting to justify the failures and problems under different pretexts, the nation will continue to suffer, and witness more scenes of the unremitting carnage. 


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