The low enlistment rate for ANDSF

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 03:19 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1022 times

The indifference of Afghan government and its western allies towards Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) dashes the only hope of Afghan people, which is the survival of the Afghan regime. Afghan forces who are effectively fighting the global war on terror with little resources are faced with major challenges. On the one hand, their casualties are increasing day by day at an alarming rate because of escalation of fighting and negligence of government officials, but on the other hand their tough life conditions and unending problems discourage other youth to join army ranks. The enlistment rate among Afghan forces has reportedly hit rock bottom. If the ANDSF casualty and enlistment rate continues as is, Afghanistan will more likely experience the loss of its army for the second time within half a century. 


Besides intensification of violence, the government’s inattention is another major reason for the low conscription rate. When Afghan youth repeatedly hear the news that Afghan forces at the frontlines don’t get food and ammunition on time; when the cases of stealing of salaries and edibles of Afghan forces are divulged; when they see the Afghan Air Force helicopters are at the disposal of the elite than evacuate the wounded Afghan forces; and when they witness the tough life conditions of Afghan forces, they will never ever show willingness to join the army unless they have extreme compulsion. 

Afghan forces are fighting an extremely complex war. On the one side, their enemy enjoys safe heavens and support outside the borders, but on the other side, they are paving a heavy prices for widespread corruption in their leadership.  Additionally, instead of acknowledging and respecting the sacrifices of Afghan forces, Afghan government leaders are covering their actual casualties as per what has generally been labeled as an infective strategy. If the government is doing so to keep the morale of Afghan forces high, it may have short term pros, but its long-term cons are several times greater than the pros. It is in a way considered a disrespect for their sacrifices. If the government is really after improving the morale of Afghan forces, it should purge their leadership of corrupt officials. Through management reforms, the government should provide the life conditions for them that become an example to incline other youth to join the ranks of Afghan forces. 




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