Washington’s silence on Pakistani attacks against Afghan territory

Monday, 20 November 2017 03:27 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 229 times

The behavior of the United States towards Afghanistan is mostly not as one of an ally. In any bilateral agreements between Kabul and Washington, only American interests are mostly protected. While it is right that America’s military and economic strength has given the superpower an upper hand in protecting its interests, its complete ignorance of the interests of Afghanistan as an ally can threaten the continuity of such relationship. Because of its behavior, Afghans are now increasingly calling for the cancellation of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States. The majority of Afghan people believe that the US not only has not fulfilled its promises with Afghanistan, but the vagueness of the goals of its military presence in the country has turned Afghanistan into the battlefield of another proxy war. The United States, as a global power, has so far not shown any reaction to the Afghan call. 


Despite being historically sensitive about foreign military presence, Afghans lent a helping hand to the United States in the war on terror. The Afghan nation forced to choose between worse and worst was left with only option, to have relations with the US, and accept American military presence in Afghanistan.  Prior to the signing of the security agreement, Americans intentionally created a climate, where Afghans had to choose “chronic fever over death”, the very thing Afghanistan is currently suffering from. 

Despite the presence of thousands of American troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan daily fires artillery shells into Afghan territory in addition to sending terrorists, still the US is silent about it as if nothing has happened.  This is a brazen violation of Afghan territorial integrity committed by Pakistani army, but Washington has not yet taken any action against it. Neither it has warned Pakistan, nor has it declared to stand by Afghanistan as an ally. Under such circumstances, the continuation of such relationship serves only American interests, and Afghanistan will always remain a victim than an ally. 

There are no compelling reasons to continue to maintain relations with the United States in the way they are now, where neither it protects Afghanistan from the scourge of terrorist, nor prevents the clear acts of aggression of neighbors such as Pakistan against Afghanistan. There is a serious need to redefine Afghan-US ties. If the US doesn’t behave with Afghanistan as a true ally, it will not be very logical for Kabul to allow the American military presence culminate in its hostility against regional powers. 


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