America’s sham warnings to Pakistan for its duplicity

Sunday, 12 November 2017 03:25 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 366 times

Despite adopting an apparent tough tone against each other, the United States of American and Pakistan, as two key foreign actors involved in Afghan conflict, have always acted in ways that help each other in accomplishing their goals. These two countries have so far succeeded to protect their interests in the war-torn Afghanistan through this tactic. Although Pakistan has played both sides in the Afghan war since the beginning of the so-called war on terror in Afghanistan by the US-led western coalition, the US has never taken any stern action against it, one that can convince Afghans as the main victims of terrorism that the US is serious and honest against the vicious phenomenon, as well as Pakistan. 



Washington has always only made warnings against Pakistan, and the trend remains unchanged even after the Trump-led administration unveiled its strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia which revolved around putting the heat on Islamabad for its support to terrorists. Gen. John Nicolson, the general commander of foreign troops in Afghanistan, says Pakistan has not yet changed its behavior since the announcement of the new strategy by the Trump-led administration. Addressing a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, he stressed he has not yet seen any change in Pakistan’s behavior. 


While two months have already passed since Trump declared his new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia, Islamabad has not taken any action that can contribute to stability in Afghanistan, except the release of a US-Canadian couple from the Haqqani network. The situation in Afghanistan has rather exacerbated, and the Pakistan-backed militants have expanded their grip over a broad swathes of Afghan territory. Despite its explicit defiance against Trump’s warnings, Pakistan has not yet faced with any strong reaction from the United States. It has two possibilities. The first possibility is that Pakistan can deceive a superpower like the US by releasing an American couple from captivity, which is impossible to believe. The second possibility is that Washington is not serious against Islamabad, or even if it is, the Afghan conflict is not its motive, and if that is not the case, then any pressures on Pakistan cannot help Afghan stability. Afghans want the United States to bring pressures on Pakistan that can culminate in peace and stability in their country, not in Afghanistan turning into a battlefield of global and regional powers.    


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