NUG leaders more sympathetic about Americans than Afghans

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 02:46 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 333 times

Leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG), President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, are sometimes acting as if they are US officials. Instead of trying to win over Afghan people, all of their efforts are focused on how to gratify the United States. While the US helped them rise to, and stay in, power, it is a big injustice to completely ignore their own people. If they did not have these people and the country, whom would they rule now. Besides American support, they also need to have the backing of their own people, a key issue to which they have not yet paid attention. 


To stay closer with the US, the president and his CEO turn a blind eye to atrocities committed by Americans. Not only they blindly welcome any American decisions, but they also mostly express more sympathy towards Americans than Afghans. They have not yet condemned even a single incident of civilian casualties caused by US airstrikes, yet they are the first to condemn attacks in the United States. 

A few days back, tens of Afghan civilians were reportedly killed in airstrikes carried out by American troops; however, neither the president nor the chief executive officer condemned the attack. They at least did not call on the US as their key ally to pay attention to civilian lives while conducting airstrikes. But within a few hours, CEO Abdullah condemned the Church attack in Texas which claimed the lives of 26 people in a tweet. The CEO’s reaction to the incident shows American blood is more valuable to him than that of Afghan people, while he is the CEO of Afghanistan, not the United States. If the killing of innocent people is condemnable, why the killing of the people of Texas is denounced, but the blood of Afghan children, women, and the elderly killed by the so called advocate of human rights is not viewed as human blood. 

If the president and his CEO are not able to protect the lives and property of their people, or if they are a very thirsty of power that they cannot even speak out against the actions of the United States, they should at least not rub salt into the wounds of Afghan people by such conduct. 


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