The only choice for Afghanistan

Sunday, 29 October 2017 02:09 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 1159 times

Afghanistan is now effectively caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, there is no longer a regional consensus about Afghanistan, but on the other hand the US-led western coalition has not succeeded to bring security and stability to the country even after a decade and a half of its military involvement. The political, security and economic situation of Afghanistan is rather exacerbating day by day. The Taliban hold sway over nearly half of the country’s territory, and the level of people’s hope for a bright future is rock bottom, the main proof of which is the high number of people fleeing from the country.


There was a consensus even about the American presence in Afghanistan between most of the regional countries, except Pakistan who was trying to destabilize Afghanistan through terror groups, until a few years back. Many nations who were historically hostile toward the US did not seriously oppose American presence in Afghanistan in the hope that the global power would eliminate terrorists. The regional consensus broke apart when the US changed its goals after it toppled the Taliban regime and dismantled Al-Qaeda, and started to find pretexts to continue its military presence in the country, a move which prompted regional countries to view the presence as a conspiracy. That effectively put an end to the regional consensus. 


The former Afghan administration was trying to maintain a balance between regional and global powers, but the efforts slowed down after President Ghani who owed Americans a favor for their backing of him. The Afghan government’s slowed efforts on the one hand, and the emergence of Daesh in Afghanistan on the other hand prompted Russian and Iran as regional powers to show a reaction. Both countries now effectively and openly dub the Daesh terrorist group as an American conspiracy against them, which further complicates the mission to steer Afghanistan out of the current crisis. 


Contrary to its position based on which regional consensus was considered as a solution to the Afghan problem, the National Unity Government turned to the United States, and India for the sake of the US instead of making serious efforts to forge such a consensus. The problem of turning to the US for help is that Washington is not very reliable in friendship for the sake of which Afghanistan should make all the regional countries enemies. This hostility cannot help Afghanistan because the US won’t stand alongside it for long. Thus, regional consensus is the only option for Afghanistan to opt for. 


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