The heavy price of friendship with America

Monday, 23 October 2017 03:25 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 287 times

There is a serious need to redefine the Afghan-US relations because they are not based on mutual interests since 2001, when the US invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban regime. Since the beginning of this involvement, the United States has been pursuing only its interests, and Afghanistan has not been considered a valuable partner in this equation despite making a lot of sacrifices over the last decade and a half. The US still has the final say in all affairs, and that is mostly against Afghan interests. 


US activities indicate the superpower is still pursuing its interests in Afghanistan in the protraction of the conflict. The ambiguity of American goals or at least its non-correspondence with Afghan side has turned the country into a staging ground of a war, which has no end in sight after 16 years of fighting, and is escalating day by day. As per the American design, the war has reached a phase in which all victims are Afghans. Americans are staying safe in their military bases, but Afghan people are caught between a rock and a hard place in the midst of the conflict. On the one hand, insurgent suicide and complex attacks claim their lives, but on the other hand the US bombs their homes, villages and wedding ceremonies. This is the price Afghan people are paying for their friendship with the US. 

The more the political and security situation worsens in the country, the greater the need to redefine Afghan-US relations and ask the US to clarify its goals in Afghanistan becomes. There is an ever serious need to eliminate the ambiguities by responding to the questions about American military presence. Unless bilateral Afghan-American relations are clearly defined, and the US stops fishing in troubled waters, it is impossible to prevent bloodshed and violence in Afghanistan. 

The upshot of the continuation of Afghanistan’s friendship with the United States in the current form is the protraction of war and changing the country into a staging ground for the showdown of global superpowers. Leaders of the National Unity Government and all political leaders should join hands to steer the country out of the ongoing tragedy. To this end, redefining Afghan-US relations and asking the US to clarify its goals in Afghanistan is the first step they should take. It is an injustice to see the Afghan nation paying a heavy price for ever for friendship with the US, while American troops target their allied Afghan forces besides civilians and insurgents from their safe bases. 


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