Over half of acting cabinet sign of government’s failure

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 03:20 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 273 times

Leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) could not bridge their gaps even in three years of their five-year term. While the president and the chief executive officer (CEO) are busy trying to drum up support for reelection, they have no time to carry out their main duties, and therefore the governance is somehow in a limbo. Due to internal disagreements, the government has so far failed to complete its cabinet, and more than half of the ministries are still managed by caretakers. Although government leaders repeatedly promised to put an end to the caretaker system, it was never translated into action.


 Recently, there are reports that disagreements between the Presidential Palace and the Spidar Palace have delayed the introduction of new minister-designates to Wolesi Jirga for confirmation. As per the government’s promise, picks for 12 ministries should have been introduced to Wolesi Jirga a week before. The president and the CEO are reportedly at loggerheads over the appointment for the ministries of Education and Information and Culture, an issue which has also postponed the introduction of the remaining picks.

Given the long-running discords between government leaders, the government will serve its five year term, but it will fail to complete the cabinet. How can a government that is unable to complete its cabinet as a key element of governance in such a long time claim to have honestly served the people, and made major achievements? After three years of work, the existence of an acting cabinet is a big example of the National Unity Government’s failure.

 Over and above other problems, the caretaking cabinet has also badly affected government affairs, and if continued, can beget other problems given the country’s tense situation. The caretakers don’t feel themselves responsible as much as the ministers do, and they also mostly cannot be blamed for the failures because they will use various reasons for it. Furthermore, even if the caretakers have the will to serve honestly, the rules and regulations have limited their powers, and they cannot work freely. Also, the people will view the continuation of the caretaking trend as nothing, but the government’s indifference. The president and the chief executive officer who are eying reelection in the upcoming election should at least complete their cabinet in the remaining two years of their term.



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