Government’s failure to complete cabinet in three years

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 03:19 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 399 times

The National Unity Government (NUG) will mark its third anniversary two days later. Three years ago, a government under the National Unity Government, whose failure seemed inevitable from the very beginning, was imposed on Afghans. The disputed 2014 presidential election marred by allegations of fraud paved the way for a US-brokered political deal between two rival teams, disrespecting the will of millions of Afghans. 


The new government made major promises with the people in areas of peace, electoral reform, economic development, and job creation. The nation weary of war swallowed the bitter pill to avoid the political crisis turning into a civil war in the hope that both rival teams would forget about their differences and election-time sarcastic remarks, and rather work together to correct the situation. Afghan people hoped, and still hope the government will implement electoral reforms, call a Loya Jirga to amend the Constitution to legitimize and change the chief executive post to an executive prime ministerial post. But unfortunately, the government has not yet fulfilled any of its promises even with the third year of its term coming to an end in a few days. Instead of bringing real reforms in the electoral system, the government only replaced election commissions with new individuals, who are now said to be involved in corruption and serious disagreements. The Constitutional Loya Jirga was not convened, and the chief executive office remains an illegitimate entity.

In addition to betrayal of promises, NUG leaders also failed in the day-to-day governance. Now that their third year is also about to get over, they have not been able to complete their cabinet, as more half of the ministries are still managed by caretakers. 


Despite these failures, government leaders, especially the president, is using his election campaign slogans in the second half of his term, though he knows now is the time for actions, not words. In lieu of trying to fulfill government promises, a key part of the government is now busy getting ready for the upcoming election. They are still thinking to stay in power, and deceive the people in the future election using their slogans of the past.   


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