Uruzgan a province deprived of health services

Monday, 25 September 2017 03:23 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 336 times

 All health centers in Uruzgan province have been closed following Taliban’s issuance of warnings. In addition to districts, the main hospital in the provincial capital of Trinkot located just 10 meters from the provincial governor’s office has also been shut. 



The Taliban, whose spokespersons nearly always make statements about the protection of public places and service centers, divested the residents of an entire province of health services just by issuing a warning to them. Even hospitalized patients who were in critical condition have been evacuated from the main provincial hospital. Until the health clinics resume operation, residents of the province have to take their patients to other provinces for medical treatment, but if they cannot do so for lack of resources or whatever reasons, the families will have to witness the loss of their dear ones. 


Afghan nation has been caught between a rock and  a hard place. Neither the Taliban show any mercy to the people, nor can the government an save them from their evil. The international community is also sometimes bombing their health centers, and sometimes their wedding ceremonies.  


The continuation of war, which has long deprived children of education in southern provinces, has now also deprived residents of Uruzgan of their right to live.  The more the war continues, the more the suffering of people increases, and resultantly the more their life becomes tougher, the more there are chances of continuation of war and killing each other. Targeting health care centers or creating problems for their personnel cannot be justified whatever the reasons are. It is an absolutely inhuman act, and a huge injustice to the downtrodden masses of southern Afghanistan. 


If the sides involved in Afghan conflict cannot remain committed to other principles of war, they must not at least create problems for health centers which are providing health services to all patients without any discrimination. Creating hurdles to, or closing health facilities is tantamount to enmity with nation, and deprivation of patients as the most powerless class of humans of life as God gift. Whichever side is responsible for it should not forget the judgment of history because nothing can justify such detestable action.  


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