Why Afghans cannot trust America’s seriousness about Pakistan?

Sunday, 24 September 2017 03:33 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 459 times

Given the behavior of the United States towards Afghanistan and Pakistan during its 16 years military presence in Afghanistan, it is hard for Afghan people to believe that Washington will take a serious action against Islamabad. While the President Ghani-led National Unity Government (NUG) is hopeful about Trump’s new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, politicians such as Ex-President Hamid Karzai who have long work experience with the US and Pakistan still view American intentions with skepticism. In his recent interview with Foreign Policy, President Karzai has said it did not seem realistic that a county like the United States realizes after 15 years that Pakistan was lying. He has stressed that American officials has also previously blamed Pakistan for supporting terrorism, but have bombed Afghan villages. Revealing that the former US vice president, Joe Biden, has clearly told him that Pakistan was important to the US 50 times more than Afghanistan, he stated that the US and Pakistan together were still the biggest threat to Afghanistan.  


Pakistan clearly played a double game in the global war on terror over the last decade and a half. On the one side, it portrayed itself as an ally in the US-led fight against terrorism, but on the other side it has hosted and harbored terrorist groups which are involved in terror activities not only in the region, but the entire world. Pakistan has continued to support terror outfits and use the phenomena as foreign policy tool as the United States has been fully aware of it. After the reading of western media reports and books written by journalists, it is hard to believe that the US has newly become aware that Pakistan is nurturing and supporting terrorists. 

For years, the United States has limited its seriousness towards Pakistan to only slogans and warnings because it has taken no concrete action to prevent Pakistan from backing terrorist. For many Afghans, Pakistan’s support to terrorists even doesn’t seem as if Pakistan is doing it out of its own volition. It widely believed that Pakistan has facilitated terrorist activities based on a covert deal with the United States in a bid to clear the path for long-term American presence in the region. 


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