The need to raise voice for peace in UNGA

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 02:44 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 355 times

President Ashraf Ghani, accompanied by a delegation, headed to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, where he is also set to meet US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the annual UN summit. 


As an international forum attended by senior delegations from countries around the world, the UN General Assembly is a good platform in which nations can raise and take up their problems, which should be properly utilized. As a fundamental need, President Ghani should clearly communicate the message of Afghan people to the international community that they no longer can tolerate the war to continue. He should paint the true picture of the Afghan misery to world leaders, and urge them to assist in bringing peace to Afghanistan. 


While President Ghani will reportedly talk about the war on terror in addition to Afghan peace in UNGA, he needs to focus more on the peaceful settlement of the Afghan conflict.  President Ghani should not ignore the political solution of the Afghan problem in his address about the fight against terrorism. The international community should be apprised of the repeated failures of the use of military option to conclude Afghan war, and the world should acknowledge that political dialogue is the easiest and logical way to put an end to this long war imposed on Afghans. 


Like in his speeches in country, if the president once again repeats his slogans of turning Afghanistan into a graveyard of terrorists at the UNGA, he won’t be able to reflect the real voice of Afghan nation. Under no circumstances Afghans want to see their country become a graveyard, no matter if it is a graveyard of terrorists or invaders. When a country becomes a cemetery, it means it residents even if they remain alive will become neighbors of that cemetery; this is what Afghan people have experienced, so they never want and tolerate such a thing.  Presently, peace and stability are the top priority for Afghans. They can only be achieved when emphasis is placed on political and peaceful solution. 


As per his campaign slogans of bringing peace to the country, the president should at least raise the voice of Afghan people for peace in important global summits such as the United Nations General Assembly.  Although he has betrayed virtually his all election campaign slogans, he should use at least the UNGA to reflect the call of Afghans for peace as per his promise to sacrifice his life for restoration of peace in the country. 


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