Recent shakeup in Pakistan, its possible impacts on Afghanistan

Sunday, 30 July 2017 03:34 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 406 times

Terrorism, neighborhood, economic dependency, and some other factors have intertwined the fate of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and therefore, instability in one country can spill over into another if not sooner, but definitely.  Although the Pakistani army and intelligence services have spared no efforts to protect Pakistan from flames of the fire they have set ablaze themselves, the country has been suffered somehow from the fire. As long as instability continues in Afghanistan, Pakistan will continue to decrease the chance to make its efforts aimed at accomplishing a complete stability and prosperity a success. Also, the political instability in Pakistan, which undermines its civilian government, limits its chances of mending fences with Afghanistan. 


The ascendency of Pakistan’s military and intelligence establishment over its civilian government not only has deprived the country of a real democracy and progress, but has also posed numerous threats to the entire region. It is the intelligence services that are primarily to be blamed for providing safe havens for terrorist groups. Pakistani military circles are still pursuing their interests based on enmity with India, and strategic depth in Afghanistan, and are therefore using terror groups as proxy forces, thereby making regional consensus about economic wellbeing impossible.   

Though the independence of Pakistan’s judiciary is praised for disqualifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, this historic incident shows that intelligence services have more influence on Pakistan’s judicial institutions than its autonomy. It is the judiciary institutions that have historically given legitimacy to governments formed as a result of military coups in Pakistan, which can clearly shows how independent they really are.

The increased power of military circles in Pakistan eliminates the existing chances of repairing relations with Afghanistan. The more Pakistan’s civilian governments are weakened, the more the country’s military and intelligence establishment gains an upper hand to achieve its goals through conspiracies, the main target of which is Afghanistan and India. Thus, the expansion of the power of Pakistani army dashes the hopes of reaching a consensus and peace in the region. 


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