Torture in Afghan prisons continues unabated

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 03:16 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 456 times

The continuation of war has paved the way for brazen human rights violations besides other negative impacts. Even the parties of the conflict that consider themselves advocates of human rights have been accused of violations of human rights and rules of war. All sides of the Afghan conflict, from militants to American and Afghan forces, neither fully comply with the rules of war nor respect the rights of detainees. In addition to those involved in the war, parties to the conflict mostly trample human rights of Afghan civilians even to the extent of their murder, under different pretexts. 


In a latest incident of human rights violation committed in Afghan prisons, some lawmakers reveal that inmates are still being tortured in the detention centers, as a result of which four prisoners have recently died only in the Pul-e-Charkhi and Bagram prisons. According to the lawmakers, many prisoners have newly been shifted to the country’s two major detention facilities, thereby facing the inmates with a lot of problems. 

There have long been reports of torture and mistreatment of not only prisoners accused of crimes against national security, but also those imprisoned for other wrongdoings. Besides that, the prisoners are faced with a lot of other problems, with some reports indicating that prisoners are held even beyond their jail terms. Meanwhile, it is said that illegal activities are planned in Afghan prisons. A resident of western Herat province claimed a while ago that some of the incidents of armed robberies and kidnapping were planned from within the prisons. 

While there are always reports about the problems exist in Afghan prisons, there is no solution in sight because the government has not taken any positive step to help resolve those problems. Also, the activities of relevant international institutions are also limited to publication of reports, and calling on Afghan government to rectify the situation. As a major problem prevalent in Afghan prisons, all allegations of torture should be investigated impartially, and the findings shared with the people. 


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