Loya Jirga best option to steer country out of current crisis

Monday, 05 June 2017 03:14 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 402 times

Afghanistan is once again going through extremely difficult and historic times. Afghans are not safe anywhere, from home to workstation, school, mosque and even funeral ceremonies. In addition to escalation, violence in the country is taking up more barbaric form. From deadly attacks in cities to targeting funeral processions, the enemies of Afghan people don’t spare any change and any possible means to weaken them and destroy their unity. In less than a week, terror attacks inflicted casualties on hundreds of people only in Kabul city.


The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan strengthens the need for a comprehensive and enduring solution to the Afghan conflict, one that concentrates on political compromise and dialogue instead of laying emphasis on war. Although Afghan government has repeatedly promised to forge a political consensus in the country, it has failed to translate it into action similar to many of its other pledges. Even the existing unanimity among various political sides has vanished over the almost 3-year rule of the National Unity Government, let alone brining about a political consensus. Government leaders still disagree, and have divided stance on many national issues. 

Taking into account the current problems in the government and the increased confrontation between political sides, the best solution in such critical juncture is the convention of Loya Jirga.

The government which has failed to contain the situation should call the Loya Jirga as per it promise so that real representatives of people find logical solutions that also suit the conditions of Afghanistan. 

The grand assembly should not only decide the fate of government, but also shape the course of peace talks with the Taliban. Loya Jirga as the strongest decision-making body of Afghanistan is the most cheapest and logical way to get out of the current limbo. By convening the Loya Jirga, one of the major election campaign promises of the leaders of the National Unity Government would also be fulfilled, and an a solution found to the Afghan conflict by Afghan themselves, which would be consistent with the demands and needs of all the people of Afghanistan. 





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