NUG's scandalized game with the public opinions

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 03:28 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 319 times

While the National Unity Government (NUG) has been still presenting its justifications for the latest unprecedented bombings in Achin district, the United States (US) confessed about its goal. US Vice President Mike Pence has admitted the aim of the recent bombings of Afghanistan and Syria was a warning to the North Korea. Pointing to the latest attack on Afghanistan and Syria, Pence warned Korea that it should no longer test the US resolve. 


Though the US has tested all types of its weaponries in Afghanistan since its engagement in this country, its propaganda about the latest bombings in Achin district demonstrated from the very beginning that the main aim of this attack was something else.   The release of a media statement by Pentagon after the assault and the swift coverage of this incident in West media showed that the US was in the quest of some other goals besides testing its weapons. Several Afghan emphasized that America's aim was not suppressing terrorists, but it used the Afghan soil for testing its new, modern weaponries; however, the government leaders, as always, had quite the opposite stance of the public. 

Both the President and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) not only hailed this strike, but also claimed that the "mother of all bombs" was dropped in complete coordination with government or even by its request.  About a week after the strike, the US finally admitted that its target was sending a warning to the North Korea; still the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders throw dust in people's eye under the ploy of subduing Daesh (IS) militants. 

People believe NUG is still striving to brush the Achin incident to aside and give acquittal to the US.  As part of these efforts, the government published some thrilling photos of the dead bodies of those who were killed in the attack on Mohammad Daud Khan hospital in Kabul.  Thus, it intends to portray America's action of having used the Afghan soil for its illegitimate goals as a genuine struggle against the terror, while the US itself admitted to its goal. 

The statements made by Mike Pence scandalized the NUG play with public opinions. If the government is still keep trying to acquit America, no bigger instance of treason than this would be found in the history of the country. 





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