Growing skepticism about government's will to conduct election

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 01:54 Written by  Heart of asia Read 325 times

Doubts about National Unity Government (NUG) determination for holding parliamentary and district council elections are increasing. Though the government has been talking about organizing election this year, its activities and actions show that it is not truly resolved. Meanwhile, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) also does not see the possibility of conducting election this year as the necessary arrangements have not been provided so far.  The government endeavors about elections so far were aimed at eluding the public with no practical progress in sight.


These exhibitory efforts of government have also provoked the reactions of a number of factions. Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, the chairman of the New National Front (NNF)-- an opposition movement-- alleged the government for deceiving the public and lacking the will to conduct the parliamentary and district council elections this year. He even throws the government’s achievements into doubt, which are fulfilled under the ploy of reforms, claiming that the government leaders are not committed to impartiality of the electoral commissions. Ahadi similarly blasts the government for not listening the political parties' consultations regarding the electoral reforms. 

Electoral reforms and conducting parliamentary and district councils election constitutes the principle part of the power-sharing agreement of the National Unity Government, which are not accomplished, like all the other parts.  The government has wasted all its time under the name of holding consultation meetings and has no practical gains in this respect. The major requirements for holding elections, which are budget and security plan, have still not been met. The election is decided to be organized on constituency basis; however, neither the constituencies have been identified, nor has any preparation taken. 

The outwitting treatment of government and the continual delay in elections are changing the concerns, that parliamentary and district council elections would happen simultaneously with presidential polls, into reality.  Thus, the incumbent Wolesi Jirga (lower house) would be continuing a complete concession term against the provisions of Constitution, and Afghans would be waiting for council election for few other years. In addition to distrusting people on government, this move will further discredit election, a principle democratic value.  The government should have restored the betrayed trust of people on election thanks to the disputed presidential polls in 2014, rather than making them further distrustful and disgustful on this process.