Irresponsible remarks about Durand Line; govt’ silence

Monday, 03 April 2017 03:00 Written by  Heart of asia Read 271 times

One of the main responsibilities of the government as per the Constitution of Afghanistan is the protection of the country’s territorial integrity. The National Unity Government (NUG), which is serving its third year, also shows worrying indifference towards the issue of Durand Line in addition to various other sensitive matters. The continued silence of government, particularly of the Presidential Palace, on key sensitive issues from Pakistan’s hostile acts along the Durand Line to the statements of some Afghan officials can have very grave consequences.


The Ashraf Ghani-led government has not yet shown an appropriate reaction to Islamabad’s provocative activities such as the construction of gates, fence and barbed wire along the Durand Line. The quietude of government about Pakistan’s aggressive acts strengthens the concerns over a possible deal about the fate of Durand Line between Kabul and Islamabad. The Presidential Palace even did not show any reaction to the start of construction work of fence and barbed wire along the colonial-era frontier. Given the current status of the government, Afghans don’t expect Ashraf Ghani to integrate the territory separated by Durand Line with Afghanistan; however, he has to treat the issue as a national cause, and the Afghan nation cannot tolerate any kind of negligence in this regard.     

Concurrently with Pakistan’s cross-Durand Line incursions and activities, some circles in Afghanistan are also trying to use Durand Line as a “bleeding wound” against Afghans. Talking to journalists at a press conference on Saturday in Kabul, a member of parliament called the British colonial-era boundary imposed on Afghans an official, international border, which is of serious concern.  If the National Unity Government cannot take on Pakistan on the Durand Line, it should at least gag individuals who speak up for Panjab in Kabul. 

The National Unity Government’s overall irresponsible handling of sensitive issues such as the fate of Durand Line can escalate problems in the country, and further discredits the government among the people. If it continues, all know that governments cannot last and survive without public support. 


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