What are the resources on which Pre. Ghani relies to win the war?

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 03:44 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 320 times

One of the major reasons Afghans voted for President Ashraf Ghani was that people considered him largely impartial and hoped his impartiality will pave the way for peace in the country. Besides being known for decisiveness, his sloganeering focused on restoration of peace also enticed people into picking him among other frontrunners. Although he made some peace overtures soon after taking up office, he totally changed his stance on peace after they hit a dead end. Instead of peace talks, the president often lays emphasis on the defeat of militants. Addressing lawmakers at the inauguration of the National Assembly, President Ghani said the government was determined and committed to winning the war.


It is now beyond a shadow of doubt that the Afghan conflict doesn’t have a military solution. Almost all sides have now come to the conclusion that the continuation of war under whatever name or banner is not for the good of Afghanistan, especially now as the victims on both sides are only and only Afghans. After the withdrawal of most of international troops from Afghanistan, the war became totally among Afghans, but not as if the winners will also be Afghans or it is a war for the interests of Afghanistan, but one whose all victims are Afghan people. Foreign troops used to suffer some casualties until a few years back, but now the nature of war has changed in a way in which only Afghans are killed, while it is others who benefit from it. 

When the Afghan government claims it can defeat the Taliban, then one can ask what the resources are on which the government relies and makes such a claim. If we look into the existing government resources and the commitment and honesty of its allies, the claim will surely prove impracticable. While the government has control over only about 60 percent of the country’s territory and that is shrinking day by day, winning the war against the insurgents militarily is definitely very hard if not completely impossible. Even if security comes through the barrel of a gun, it will only be security, not stability. Thus, taking into account that point, emphasis should be to bring stability through peace, not war. The repeated failures of peace parleys should not be used as a justification to prolong the war.


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