Recent Taliban attacks; need to gear up for spring

Friday, 03 March 2017 03:00 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 350 times

Although warm weather after a cold winter is a herald of spring and prosperity for many nations around the world, Afghans see the spring as a cloud on the horizon, and an omen of grim and bloody start of the year. Despite the fact that there was no lull in the fighting between Afghan government and the militants this winter, the fear of escalation of violence in the country as the temperature rises is on an upward trajectory. Given the recent spate of terror attacks in Afghanistan, particularly in capital Kabul, the upcoming year seems to be a bloodiest for Afghans.


On Wednesday, Kabul witnessed two complex terror attacks against government compounds, interrupting a relative period of calm and further worrying people about the security situation. Meanwhile, the Taliban overrun the Tala Wa Barfak district of northern Baghlan province the same day after heavy clashes with Afghan forces. Additionally, concerns about the security of Mehtarlam, the provincial capital of eastern Laghman province, have also increased to an extent that the city is said to be under high threat.  

Militant attacks intensify every year with the arrival of spring over the past several years; however, signs of escalation and expansion of fighting and insecurity are very obvious even before the dawn of spring. The government’s negligence and lack of prioritization of works are deplorable as much as the rise in militant activities is worrisome. Without clear priorities, the National Unity Government (NUG) undermined by disagreements between its leaders and a dearth of strong will is busy with issues far less important than security.

Whilst there is a fear of the fall of provinces and districts regularly change hands, the government’s priority should be to contain security situation, not hold procurement sessions. Fighting corruption is the demand of every Afghan, but Afghans want safety and life first, and then the elimination of corruption. Besides Afghan government, the international troops based in Afghanistan are also responsible to take concrete actions to prevent the situation from further deterioration. If their presence in the country cannot contribute to improvement in situation, it is unnecessary to make more enemies for the sake of their presence. Taking into account the exacerbating security, the government and its allies should make necessary arrangements for the spring fighting season, and take stringent steps to protect the lives of Afghan people. 


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