President Ghani: All talk, no action

Monday, 20 February 2017 03:57 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 456 times

President Ashraf Ghani has been very good in delivering arousing speeches since his electioneering, but he has rarely translated his words into actions. Also, he gave an eloquent address at the Munich security conference in Germany, which should be materialized. Afghanistan is at the forefront of the global war against terrorism, and simultaneously fighting against 20 terror outfits, President Ghani said, stressing that Afghans were engaged in a fight which was important not only for the liberty of their country, but also for the security of the world.


While President Ghani’s speech at the Munich conference was well thought out, the issue cannot be solved by only raising it at international platforms. As a president, he is obliged not only to apprise the world of terrorist activities in Afghanistan, but also impel it to honestly counter the terror groups.  The world is well aware of terrorist networks operating in Afghanistan and also the fact that they can pose a serious threat to both Afghanistan and the entire world, yet they are not truly fought against due to some short-run interests that can also be achieved through other ways. 

The main goal of American presence in Afghanistan was to prevent the country from becoming a terrorist haven, but both the upshot and reality are otherwise.  During the decade and a half of American engagement here, the terrorists not only were not defeated, but have also strengthened. Al-Qaeda was the only foreign terrorist group operating in Afghanistan prior to US involvement here, but now there are about 20 foreign terrorist organizations officially recognized by the United States and UN as terrorist groups.  Afghans which were weary of war and oppression showed their willingness to have security pacts with US and NATO solely to be safe from these terrorist groups and malevolent neighbors. Contrary to assumptions, the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) also did not lead to stability and decimation of terrorists in Afghanistan. 

As the head of a state which is the prime victim of terrorism, President Ghani cannot extricate his people from the scourge of this evil phenomenon by communicating to the world only the information on how many terror groups are active in Afghanistan. He must compel all countries, including the US, to honor their commitments and pave the way for a real fight against terrorism, thereby steering not only Afghanistan but the whole region and world out of the current imbroglio.



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