Stability in Afghanistan requires regional cooperation

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 04:32 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 303 times

The deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan has provoked concerns of regional countries, further boosted by the expanding Daesh activities, skepticism about US intentions in the fight against terrorism and narcotics, and the pressure on terror groups in the Middle East. The regional countries view the worsening situation in the country as a threat, prompting them to express their concerns through the media. 



Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin's Special Envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov has said that Washington was unable to settle the Afghan conflict alone, stressing that it should change its Afghan policy, and understand that it cannot put an end to the Afghan war without the cooperation of Moscow. The US formed the Afghan National Unity Government based on a failed project, and that the government not only did not work, but also stoked rifts among Afghans. 


Regional cooperation is key to stability in Afghanistan, and although the government also often underlines it, yet no enough work has been done to forge and strengthen the regional cooperation. The Russian position indicates that it is unhappy with, and concerned about what is currently going on in Afghanistan. Additionally, Iran also has concerns, and cooperation with China has also been limited to the quartet peace process only. 

Since the US-led western coalition has either failed or not wished to contain the situation in Afghanistan by itself, there is a need to encourage the cooperation of regional powers, whom should be given the chance to play a constructive role in resolving the Afghan conflict. 

Holding the regional players at bay, and not cooperating with them to play a role in Afghan issues further mount skepticism towards US policies in the region, prompting the regional actors to play a destructive role in Afghanistan, which, in no way, is in the interests of Afghans because it prolongs the war and violence. 


It will also be good for the US to build regional cooperation to cure the situation before letting it spin out of control, say “goodbye to policies pursuing interests in the continuity of war”, and pave the way for stability in Afghanistan through regional cooperation and synergy.  


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