The government’s acting as a statistical organ

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The Nation Unity Government (NUG) says the Taliban have inflicted over two billion Afghanis (Afs) loss on Afghan infrastructure over the past two months. Shah Hussain Murtazawi, a deputy presidential spokesman, said the group has caused damages to thousands of schools, health centers, economic infrastructure and projects, and public welfare centers.

Over the given period, only 302 schools have been either damaged or destroyed in 11 provinces. This is what the government admits; however, the actual level of harm may be higher. Such a huge economic loss in a very short time is certainly a major blow to a poor country like Afghanistan. The 2.5 billion Afs is only the loss caused by war to public properties; the “blood and treasure” being spent on the war are also of serious concern. Apart from the collateral damages, the daily cost of Afghan war stands at $24 million as per a report of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP).
While every single Afghan knows about the harms of the ongoing conflict, the key challenge, in which the government has also failed, is to prevent it. Through such remarks, the government acknowledges its failures and the enormity of their consequential damages. Instead of acting as a responsible party to the conflict, it serves as a research or statistical entity by only releasing statistics, and not adopting an effective approach to rein in the situation as required by its mandate.
Almost on daily basis, we witness the surrender of Afghan forces to the Taliban across the country thanks to the government’s negligence. Just yesterday, the Taliban claimed that a battalion and a garrison of Afghan troops surrendered to them in Trinkot, the capital of Uruzgan province. One of the major reasons for such incidents is the problem of weak leadership and coordination in the timely supply of weapons and ammunition to Afghan troops. In lieu of countering the menace of insurgents to cause a damage to public properties and the country’s infrastructure, the government releases statistics as if it is a statistical body.
The National Unity Government, which has already spent half of its term, should focus on its primary responsibilities anymore. Its responsibility is not to only publish statistical figures, but also to contain the conflict. If the government is not capable to crush the Taliban militarily, it is better to negotiate peace with them, thereby preventing the enormous human and financial harm to the country. Government leaders should realize that economic development and prosperity during a war is a dream impossible to come true. With the restoration of peace to the country, not only the damages caused by war would be prevented, but also the treasure expended on fighting could be allocated to development affairs, which can significantly contribute to the development process.

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