Taliban’s access to high-tech threatening government’s survival

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 03:31 Written by  Heart of asia Read 247 times

The Taliban activities are on the rise, and the group is increasingly gaining momentum. At the initial years of the war, they used to launch guerilla attacks, but now they have changed the nature of the war to a conventional warfare, capturing territories from government forces. Previously, they were only able to overrun checkpoints, but now they can take districts and provincial capitals. They took over control of the strategic Kunduz city for a second time, and the capitals of four provinces are also teetering on the brink of collapse.

The Taliban who started their fight with very basic weapons have now been equipped with advanced weaponary. Recently, reports surfaced about the use of drones by Taliban to film their attacks and advances. Although the use of drone cameras may not be an important issue to some people, especially because they can be easily found at the market, the use of drones by the Taliban can profusely help them from the perspective of war propaganda.
The Taliban’s access to the cutting-edge technology and military hardware is not limited to only drone cameras; reports quoting Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) state that the Taliban possess more advanced weaponary than theirs.  The Taliban’s acquisition of modern technology and military hardware further complicates and intensifies the Afghan conflict.  This will further toughen work for the National Unity Government (NUG) and its allies who have already lost the capability to manage and control the war.

The Taliban have also reportedly asked Russia for anti-aircraft missiles, and if provided, the government’s survival will become impossible, which neither the government nor its western allies would then be able to control the situation.
Given the significance of the issue, efforts should be made to remedy the situation before any further deterioration. The government, in collaboration with its supporters, should use all possible options to prevent the Taliban from acquiring modern weaponary, especially anti-aircraft missiles. They should also try diplomatically to impel the regional countries and intelligence services to avert the provision of high-tech weapons to the Taliban. This is only possible when the government manages to convince the regional powers through active diplomacy that their security would never be threatened from Afghanistan. If the National Unity Government fails to do so, indeed the bitter experience of the fall of communist regime and the start of civil war would be repeated, because the Mujahedeen defeated Dr.Najibullah’s government when America provided anti-aircraft missiles to them.

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