America’s hostile behavior towards Afghans under the guise of friendship

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 03:56 Written by  Heart of asia Read 247 times

Concerns about the duplicitous behavior of the United States in the so-called war on terror are becoming true day by day. With each day passing, we witness incidents proving America’s dishonesty in the war on terrorism; therefore, the wars initiated by the US under the pretext of fighting terrorism have contributed to the expansion of the phenomenon globally other than suppressing it.

Afghanistan is also one of the victims of a similar war, and the rising terrorism, where terrorist activities and violence have rather increased, and taken a steeply upward trend during the 15-year long American military presence compared to the past. The number of terror groups and the intensity of their horrific acts are at all-time high now in Afghanistan. Although the US uses the activities of terrorist groups as a justification for the continuation of its presence in Afghanistan, their mission has not contributed to the eradication of terrorism, and in many cases, it is in total contradiction with what Americans publicly state.
American troops are based in Afghanistan to support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF); however, not only do they not truly assist Afghan forces, but also create problems for them in most cases. A recent example of such instances is a US airstrike that targeted Afghan forces in Trinkot, the provincial capital of Uruzgan. US forces have reportedly bombed an Afghan Police checkpoint, martyring eight policemen. A police commander has said that a policeman was killed in an airstrike at the beginning, but after other policemen came to the checkpoint, they were targeted by a second airstrike. Blasting American forces for targeting the police instead of the Taliban, the commander has stated that the Taliban held sway over the area just a few hundred meters from the bombing site, and their white flags could be clearly seen, adding that they did not know why American troops bombed them in lieu of  the insurgents.

This comes a few days after Afghan forces prevented the likely fall of Trinkot to the Taliban’s hand.

This is not the first time the US troops target Afghan forces fighting at the frontline; a lot of similar incidents have occurred in the past. Additionally, reports have surfaced times and again about US helicopters dropping weapons and ammunition to the militants.

Such incidents and the American behavior palpably prove that the US is not honest in the war on terror, and, through these acts, seeks to protract the Afghan conflict to maintain its presence here. The time has come for the National Unity Government to apprehend the ground reality, and review its policy towards the US in addition to asking it for explanation about such occurrences. Government leaders should know that Afghans no longer can tolerate the American antagonistic conduct under the camouflage of amity, and the “cat-and-mouse game”.

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