Balkh woman sets up all-female factory

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A Balkh woman has started up her own factory, providing work opportunities to hundreds of other women, Tolonews reported.
Saltanat Faryabi, 45, said she invested 50,000 AFN to set up her carpet weaving, embroidery, tailoring and handicrafts factory.
“I have invested 50,000 Afghanis, I have eight machines, a carpet weaving workshop,” said the Mazar-e-Sharif based businesswoman.
According to her, she has brought together more than 700 women who are familiar with carpet weaving, tailoring, embroidery and handicrafts and provides them with job opportunities.
Faryabi said although she faces many challenges, she hopes to continue expanding her business and providing more opportunities for poor women. She also said she has set up a literacy school.
“Literacy courses, and kindergartens are also considered; because the women who work here mostly have babies,” Faryabi said.
Karima, one of the women working with Faryabi returned from Pakistan two years ago as a return refugee and faces extreme hardships, she said.
According to her, her husband works but his salary does not cover their expenses. She said she is very happy to have found work with Faryabi.
“I have three children. I have a yard to rent also. I want to help my husband by working here," said Karima.
Faryabi said most of the women have either been displaced – through the war in northern provinces - or are return refugees.
Nadia another woman said:” We need to work to make money to cover our daily expenses.”
These women are pleased that they have been provided with jobs and say they are trying to increase their production and show their abilities in the economic sector.


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