MAIL promotes saffron, soybean farming in Bamiyan

Monday, 31 July 2017 03:06 Written by  Heart of Asia Published in Economy Read 292 times

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) is promoting the saffron and soybean farming in Bamiyan province in the center of Afghanistan, the agriculture minister Assadullah Zamir said.


The ministry has established at least 10 research fields in different districts of the province, Zamir said, adding that they have attracted the attention of Bamiyan farmers to cultivate saffron and soybean on their lands.

According to him, their researches show that Bamiyan is suitable for saffron and soybean farming.

He said efforts are underway to increase the distribution of modified wheat to Bamiyan farmers.

“We have the required plans in this respect to encourage Bamiyan farmers to cultivate saffron,” Zamir told TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, Bamiyan farmers urged government to provide them with more modified wheat.

“We have a lot of problems in farming. We should be given suitable grains to collect good crops,” said Ali Ahmad, a farmer in the province.

MAIL officials have said that at least three irrigation canals will be constructed in Bamiyan in order to overcome the shortage of irrigation water in the province.


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