NSA monitored Middle East banks

Sunday, 16 April 2017 03:31 Written by

Files released by the mysterious hacker "Shadow Brokers" on Friday suggested the US National Security Agency (NSA) had penetrated the SWIFT banking network and monitored a number of Middle East banks.

The 50 largest companies in the United States have now shifted $1.6 trillion of their profits to offshore tax havens to reduce their tax burden, according to new analysis.

Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley face displacement as a deadline to evacuate their informal tent camps expires on Saturday.

Camp residents within a seven-kilometre radius of the Rayak airbase were given five days to remove their homes following an eviction order delivered orally earlier this week by the army. 

North Korea has vowed to defend itself using a “powerful force of arms” — should the US keep sending ships toward the Korean Peninsula, reports say.

The G7 group of nations has failed to reach agreement over threatening new sanctions against Russia and Syria.

Myanmar authorities begin shutting down three displacement camps in the beleaguered Rakhine State, where persecuted Rohingya Muslims are mainly based.

It seems hypocrisy takes centre stage when it comes to Pakistani politicians in their boisterous statements for domestic consumption and how they actually are when dealing with western countries.

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven major industrialized nations meet on Monday for an annual gathering, with Europe and Japan seeking clarity from the United States on an array of issues, especially Syria.

Canada's government is aiming to pass legislation that will legalise the recreational use of marijuana.

A day after two church bombings claimed by the Islamic State killed at least 49 people, Egypt's cabinet on Monday approved a countrywide state of emergency for three months.