Xi says cold-war, zero-sum mentality out of place

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 03:34 Written by  Read 140 times

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that in a world aspiring for peace and development, the cold-war and zero-sum mentality look even more out of place.
"Putting oneself on a pedestal or trying to immune oneself from adverse developments will get nowhere," said Xi when delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference.
Xi said humanity has a major choice to make between openness and isolation, and between progress and retrogression.
"We must dispel the clouds to see the sun, as we say in Chinese, so as to have a keen grasp of the law of history and the trend of the world," said Xi.
Xi said we live at a time with an overwhelming trend toward peace and cooperation as well as openness and connectivity.
Xi said we also live at a time with an overwhelming trend toward reform and innovation, adding that those who reject them will be left behind and assigned to the dustbin of history.
He pledged to open the country’s economy further and lower import tariffs on products including cars.
Xi said that China will sharply widen market access for foreign investors, a chief complaint of the country’s trading partners and a point of contention for US President Donald Trump’s administration, which has threatened billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods.
China would raise the foreign ownership limit in the automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft sectors “as soon as possible”, and push previously announced measures to open the financial sector, Xi said.
“This year, we will considerably reduce auto import tariffs, and at the same time reduce import tariffs on some other products,” Xi said.