Political observers see the ambassador-level welcome for President Ashraf Ghani on his arrival in Tehran as a violation of diplomatic protocol, a disgusting and shameful act.

The entrance test for the Afghan Air Force University was held for the participants in eastern parts of the country as Ministry of Defense aims to attract a total of 70 cadets. 

Fears of expansion of Daesh activities in Afghanistan are on the rise following its defeat in Iraq and Syria. Referring to the recent spate of violence throughout the country, some analysts say the defeat of the so called Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and Iraq contributes to the intensification of war in Afghanistan.

The irresponsible behavior of the United States towards Afghanistan, and the negligence of Afghan government are facing the country with the fate of Iraq and Syria, political and military analysts believe, adding that the Trump-led US administration is treating the Afghan war irresponsibly, which has steered Afghanistan  towards a major crisis. 

Meeting with his visiting Afghan counterpart, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday expressed interest in cooperation on mining.

Calling Afghanistan a friend of Iran, Rouhani said that security in Afghanistan was important to Iran and that it was ready to cooperate with its neighbor in this regard, according to a statement from Ghani’s office.

Local officials in Jawzjan have said that they are concerned about an increasing security threats in parts of the northern province, adding that a number of villages have fallen to insurgents in the past few days.  

The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) informed regarding the progress in sketching the new master plan of Kabul city, stating that the new master plan will change the view of the majority parts of the capital city.

The First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum met with the leader of the New National Front of Afghanistan Anwar ul Haq Ahadi in Turkey.

The Office of the First Vice President in a statement said the two sides discussed the ongoing situation in the country, including the latest political and security upheavals.

On July 31st 2017, sponsored by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (ACFROC), "Embrace China" Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe's performance came to an end in Melbourne. The theatre was packed during the performance, including representatives from Returned Overseas Chinese in Melbourne, domestic and foreign drama experts, media representatives and local audiences. This time the “Embrace China” Oceania tour has been performing in four cities in Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and all performances were organized by Ostar International Media Group.

Many war-displaced people in Badakhshan continue to live in dire conditions on the mountain slopes of Fizabad.