Analysts: U.S. seeking to prolong presence in Afghanistan by portraying tense security situation

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The U.S. has changed its policy as per the recent development in the region, Military analysts state Americans’ contradictory remarks are meant to prolong the war and reach their goals in Afghanistan by escalating the ongoing fight between Afghan forces and the militants.

Mohammad Tanweer, a political analyst, says: “The U.S. is seeking an extended presence for its troops in Afghanistan to vie with a number of countries in the region.”
With the escalation of fighting in a number of areas, Americans concurrently portray a gloomy picture of the security situation in the country.  

An ex-American military commander in Afghanistan has said that Afghan Army still had many problems, and therefore withdrawing American troops from the country was not justifiable.
Javid Kohistani, a political analyst, termed the remarks made by American officials as part of the US Policy for the continuity of war and striking a balance between Afghan forces and the Taliban.

Analysts believe the U.S. has changed its policy as per the recent development in the region, and is trying to keep its troops in Afghanistan not only to perpetuate the war between Afghan forces and the Taliban, but also to contend with some regional countries.
According to these political analysts and members of parliament, these countries are employing any possible means to reach their goals in Afghanistan.
American officials’ warning about the deteriorating security situation and the incompetency and inability of Afghan forces to maintain security comes as they had repeatedly uttered that Afghan forces were capable of defending all parts of their country.

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