Pres. Ghani should keep an eye on his 2nd vice president: Experts

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Second Vice-President Sarwar Danish is meddling in the affairs of some government institutions to influence their decisions, reveals a source.
Danish is pressing the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) to approve the appointment of his loyalists, a reliable government source told The Heart of Asia.
The new governor for Wardak province, Mohammad Arif Shah Jahan, has reportedly been appointed by the second vice-president. There had been similar complaints and claims of malpractice against him in the past.
When Najibullah Ahmadzai, the former chairman of Independent Election Commission (IEC), stepped down, he claimed at a press conference that Sarwar Danish had threatened election commissioners to fire their chair, or else they would be dismissed.
Ahmadzai also accused Danish of interfering in IEC’s affairs and orchestrating things as he wished.
Following those allegations, the former secretary of Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), Walid Ahmad Sarwari, also implicated Danish in influencing appointments even in grades four and five in IECC.
According to Sarwari, the second vice president also wants to appoint his secretary as the head of IECC’s Secretariat.
Nawab Amirzai, a political expert, says the second vice president has a free hand in anything he is doing. “As the first vice president is not in the country, the second vice president has also taken over his powers. So the president should closely watch and control what he is doing.”
According to him, if the second vice president’s intractable actions continue as now, the public discontent with the government will also rise.
Farid Abdurahimzai, another political expert, stresses that Sarwar Danish, the Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Higher Education have already been accused of biased treatment and ethnocentrism, but he doesn’t know why the president has given them such a free hand with no oversight of their actions.
Talking to The Heart of Asia, he said there are instances where the second vice president has illegally interfered in the affairs of governmental and non-governmental organizations, yet the Presidential Palace has kept tightlipped.
Meanwhile, the viewpoint the second vice president declares in public gatherings also sometimes goes against the government’s standing. For instance, Sarwar Danish said a few months ago while introducing ministers-designate to Wolesi Jirga for a vote of confidence that the government and its legal and judiciary apparatus were unsuccessful, and have not addressed public demands.
The Heart of Asia could not get through to the office of the second vice president and the Presidential Palace for a comment.


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