CEO blasts Taliban for not responding to peace offer

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 03:30 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 228 times

Chief Executive Officer of National Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah on Monday expressed his disappointment over the Taliban’s lack of response to the Kabul peace offer.
Speaking at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers of this solar year, Abdullah said the National Unity Government made the Taliban an offer that could ensure lasting peace and stability in the country, but the group had not yet responded to the call.
“Those who reject the message of peace and betray (the country), and those who committed a crime in Kabul on Friday, they will have a dark place in Afghanistan’s history,” said Abdullah.
The CEO also said in order to achieve peace, political tension in the country needs to be resolved. He said with political unity, the chances of peace can increase.
“Resolving political tensions for peace is important. Peace will be guaranteed if unity is in place. Issues relating to Balkh province are being resolved,” said Abdullah. This was in reference to the ongoing dispute between ousted Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor and the presidential palace.
Abdullah also said government will try to fulfill all its obligations in the new solar year.
“We will serve the people with renewed vigor and a stronger will, with strong determination in the new year. The people are right and expecting more work from government,” Abdullah added.
This comes after President Ashraf Ghani laid out a new peace offer to the Taliban two weeks ago.
Ghani stated that if the Taliban comes to the negotiations table, government will allow them to open an office in the country, even in Kabul if so desired. He also said government would declare them a political group.
Other suggestions included issuing them passports and possibly freeing Taliban prisoners.
Ghani also emphasized that government is ready to reconcile and make peace with the insurgent group.

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