Only aid freeze cannot curtail Pak’s support to terrorists: Analysts

Monday, 08 January 2018 05:09 Written by  Heart of Asia Read 121 times

Today, Pakistan is not in a position which American aid suspension alone can discourage it from backing terrorists, say Afghan analysts, stressing that more serious steps were needed to inflict enormous damage on the country. According to them, while the United States has also previously warned to halt aid to Pakistan, the country has continued to harbor and aid terrorists.  


Voicing skepticism about US intentions, Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military expert, said Americans were still trying to avoid clearly saying that Pakistan is supporting terrorists; it has rather insisted that Pakistan has not taken any serious actions against terrorists operating freely in that country, something which shows American hypocrisy. 

“The suspension of aid can neither hurt Pakistan immediately nor stop it from backing terrorists. It is a rhetoric through which the United States is trying to absolve itself of blame,” Amarkhail told The Heart of Asia, stating that growing criticism from its allies forced Washington to freeze aid to Islamabad.

To truly deter Pakistani support for terror groups, Pakistan should face actions which are impossible to survive, he concluded. 

Yousef Amin Zazai, a political expert, thought the US pressures on Pakistan were symbolic because there were still covert deals between Pakistan and the United States. “The US knows better than us where the terrorists are, who trains them, and what their goals are. Still it continued to provide aid to Pakistan, and strike clandestine deals with it.”

The United States, he emphasized, has taken no practical actions against Pakistan so far, and also has not completely cut the aid, but only suspended it. 

Pakistan would conduct some symbolic operations for a few days, and then convince the US like in the past that it has taken necessary actions against terrorists, a behavior which will surely encourage the US to unfreeze and resume the aid, Zazai predicted, saying that if the US really doesn’t tolerate terror training camps in the region, it should revisit ties with Pakistan. 

Another political pundit, Hussain Sajadi, believed the US pressures on Pakistan were only in words, and only a tweet from Trump was not enough to turn up the heat on Pakistan. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, Sajadi said the suspended American aid would not hurt Pakistan’s economy so it should resort to other options, including encouraging China to press Pakistan to renounce supporting terrorism. 

Pakistan could easily find an alternative to the US, but it should create a climate beforehand not only to avert that, but also forcefully halt Pakistan’s support to terrorists, he suggested. In a Facebook post, Nazeem Samoon,  a social media activist, has stated that almost all of the 73 Pakistani generals, whose names were put forward last year to the Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), were holders of American and UK green cards.


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