Climax of foreign arbitrary operations, NUG’s worrisome silence

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While foreign troops cannot are not authorized to conduct arbitrary operations in any part of Afghanistan based on the security pacts with US and NATO; such operations, mostly with no coordination with Afghan forces, have increased in Helmand, Kunduz and Nangarhar provinces over the last month, residents and some government sources reveal. 


According to information acquired by The Heart of Asia, American forces carried out an operation on May 23, 2017 in Talokay area of Kunduz city without Afghan forces. 

"Only American forces had come to the area on that day,” Shafiqullah, a local resident, told The Heart of Asia, adding that an explosion also targeted them, and after eight hours, they bombarded Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers in the Khwaja Paak area. 

About four days ago, a US airstrike targeted Afghan forces in the Loy Bagh area of Nad Ali district in southern Helmand province, killing at least ten Afghan border police. The Afghan government did not show any reaction to the incident, but American troops apologized for it. 

A security source from Helmand revealed to The Heart of Asia that American forces had launched the airstrike without any coordination with Afghan government, adding that Afghan forces were bombed though all Afghan security officials and US troops based in Helmand were aware of the operation Afghan forces had in Nad Ali district.  

All Afghan security officials and American soldiers, based in Helmand, knew about those operations which were carried out by Afghan Forces in Nad Ali district; however, despite of their understanding, foreign troops bombarded Afghan border soldiers. 

Similarly, a roadside bomb hit US forces on Monday in the Sheegar area of Ghani Khel district of eastern Nangarhar province on their way to an operation in the area.

Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for Nangarhar governor, told journalists after the incident that there were no Afghan soldiers in the area, but the foreign troops open fired on civilians after the bombing, killing at least three civilians, all members of same family (a father and his two sons). 

Ghulam Jelani Zwak, a political expert, said the silence of Afghan government on foreign operations and arbitrary attacks was worrisome and dangerous, believing that the high level of civilian causalities was allowing the militants to attract more fighters from the disgruntled Afghans. "Foreign forces do so to prolong the war and offer the Taliban a justification to continue the fight.” 

Zahid Safi, a legal expert, said the foreign troops, under no circumstance, were allowed to conduct arbitrary operations as per the security agreements Afghanistan has struck with the US and NATO. "The objective of those agreements was to define their mission and role in Afghanistan," Safi stressed, adding that they were given the role of advising and training Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), and could only take part in military operations with Afghan forces when requested. 

Dawlat Waziri, the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense (MoD), told The Heart of Asia all airstrikes in the country were carried out in coordination with Afghan forces, and after decided by the joint coordination centers. 




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