Reconciliation doesn’t mean surrender: Ulema

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 03:13 Written by  Read 329 times

Joining the peace process does not mean surrender and those who want to reconcile should be welcomed, says a noted religious scholar.


Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, a member of the Afghanistan Ulema Movement, said peace had no political or economic angles but it was the duty of the faithful.

He was addressing an event on Loving Humanity, Ulema Role in Development and Respect for Human Rights. Scholars from Indonesia also attended Monday’s gathering.

Kakar called corruption was the main driver of instability and insecurity in the country. He stressed the need for reforms to eliminate corruption.

Afghanistan plunged into crisis due to the conflict and the enemies of Islam were the sole beneficiaries of the current situation, the scholar remarked.

He dispelled the impression that reconciling amounted to surrender. He cited the historic Hudaibia peace pact signed between Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and infidels of Makkah.

Apparently, the treaty was not in the favour of the Prophet and his companions but it paved the ground of a long-term success for Muslims.

The scholars hit out at the growing un-Islamic culture and unethical practices, reasons behind Taliban brutal activities, calling them a reason behind Taliban’s violence.

Yasmin Sarwari, presidential advisor on women affairs, shone a light on the peace process and women’s role in society.


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