Analysts: US troop surge giving Taliban justification to prolong war

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 03:12 Written by  Heart Of Asia Read 325 times

The deployment of additional US troops in Afghanistan not only cannot break the stalemate in Afghan war, but also escalates it. A number of political analysts and lawmakers say increasing foreign troop level provides the Taliban with a justification to protract the war, and a propaganda tool to recruit new fighters. 


They also worried that it will escalate the concerns of regional countries, thereby increasing the possibility of a proxy war. 

Ghulam Jelani Zwak, a political analyst, stresses the deployment of new American or other foreign troops in Afghanistan means the war will continue because the Taliban will use it as a justification to fight against them. "The Taliban and other militant groups use the foreign troop surge as a tool to legitimize their war and recruit new fighters, an objective Americans pursue here." 

The director of US National Intelligence Dan Coats, himself announced the US troop surge would escalate the war in Afghanistan, a clear proof that the United States is seeking to intensify and protract the war through increasing its troops, adds Zwak, believing that the surge is meant to send a message to the regional countries other than help maintain security in Afghanistan, thereby further worrying the regional nations, and increasing the possibility of a new proxy war. 

Meanwhile, Jafar Mehdawi, a lawmaker, suggests that the US and its allies concentrate on peace and equipping of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) instead of deploying more troops to Afghanistan. 

"It seems Afghan conflict is moving towards escalation and taking on new dimensions other than settlement or containment," he told The Heart of Asia. 

Gen. Zalmay Wardak, a military expert, says the anti-Afghan government militant groups have been fighting against foreign troops, so if their number increases, it will have a direct impact on the intensification of war. 

According to him, the people don’t know under what pact the foreign are coming to Afghanistan or whether their intervention has no legal basis as in the past. 

A number of legal experts say as per the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and the US, foreign troops should gradually decrease and only take up the role of mentoring and training ANDSF, but it is now the opposite. 

Most observers view investment in, and equipping of ANDSF with modern military hardware as the best alternative to US troop surge. They believe if Afghan forces become self-reliant, the threat of Afghanistan becoming a haven for terrorists will eliminated forever.  







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