Laborer organizations: job insecurity hurt governance

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The replacement of many government employees soon after the appointment of high-ranking officials in government institutions has become an unfavorable practice, which has seriously hurt governance. In many instances where the head of an institution is replaced, the employees of that institution are unnecessarily terminated under one pretext or another. 


A number of laborer organizations say employees don’t have job security in government institutions besides the private sector, an issue that undermines their efficiency. 

Maroof Qaderi, the chair of the National Workers' Union of Afghanistan (NUWA), says when a government entity gets a new head, he/she replaces the permanent and contractual employees with new ones, who then lose their jobs after he/she leaves office. "The fundamental problem in Afghan government is that there is still focus on individuals in governance and no work has been done to correct the system." 

According to Qaderi, governance is still reliant on individuals so if an individual is fired from a government organization, the old system is replaced with a new system by the successor and before he/she implements his or her own system, someone else replaces him or her. 

Providing job security and a safe working environment for employees is key to the survival of the government, and governance will make no sense and have no foundation unless those elements are ensured. 

The ignorance and non-implementation of laws is another issue which has hurt the rights of employees, adds Qaderi, maintaining that most government bodies either don’t have a job contract with their employee or they are one-sided and flawed which mostly cannot protect the rights of staff.  

Naweed Mohammadi, a member of NUWA , says the appointment of contractual staff in government has led to job insecurity for permanent government employees. 

He believes the salaries and benefits of permanent servants should be increased instead of hiring contractual employees, and if the money spent on contractors is spent on permanent employees, they can help entities achieve stability that can last for years.  

Mentioning some examples of unjustifiable dismissal of some government employee, he says: "We have a few cases in which permanent employees have been fired for no reason by directors or ministers". 

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD), meanwhile, claims that it has increased job security for government and non-government employees compared to the past, and that no government employee can be fired without any reason. 

Talking to The Heart of Asia, the MoLSAMD press office said not only Afghans but also foreigners who serve in non-governmental organizations could not be terminated without a reason, and that whoever had any complaint on that respect, they could refer it to MoLSAMD. 







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