‘Noor has always asked for Balkh, not for himself’: Ghani

Sunday, 26 March 2017 02:32 Written by  Read 207 times

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani hailed the provincial governor of the northern Balkh province Atta Mohammad Noor for his dedicated work for the province, saying ‘Noor has always made request for the improvement of Balkh and not for himself’.


Speaking during a gathering organized to inaugurate the new educational year in this province, President Ghani promised that the government will equally invest on education as he expressed concerns regarding the current curriculum being taught to the school children in the country.

He said the government will distribute 6.2 million books to the schools across the country in coming two weeks.

President Ghani also emphasized that more focus should be done on girl’s education, insisting that investment on a girl’s education is equal to investment on five generations.

In other parts of his speech, President Ghani hailed the balance of development in Balkh province and hoped that similar steps are taken in other provinces as well.

In the meantime, governor Noor briefed the gathering participants regarding the developments in Balkh province and said around 50 percent of the school students in Balkh are girls.

He also added that 55 percent of the school teachers are women while 50 percent of the university students are also girls.


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