Why are some politicians silent on ceasefire?

Monday, 11 June 2018 03:06 Written by  Read 252 times

The personal economic interests of some circles, in addition to a number of other factors, have complicated the settlement of Afghan war. The war if, on the one hand, has battered the lives of ordinary Afghan people and claims tens of lives on a daily basis, it on the other hand is a lucrative business for some individuals whose families are living abroad, and their lives and properties are safe. For them, the blood of Afghans is a blank check! The problem is that the majority of them are political figures and they can sabotage peace efforts. In addition to the power and influence they enjoy internally, the international community has also unfortunately lent an ear to them instead of the voice of masses.
The announcement of a temporary ceasefire by Afghan government and the Taliban in the current critical situation, where the majority of Afghans have lost hopes for a good future, was a huge step forward. It is right that the armistice is very short and may have shortcomings, but it was a glad tiding for the peace-thirsty nation after several decades. The Afghan sides of the conflict, for the first time, agreed on a nation-wide truce. The decision has been warmly welcome by the people, but some politicians are tightlipped about it, with some of them even declaring their opposition to the truce. When people are that happy about a decision and the politicians are silent about it, it clearly indicates that they no longer can hide themselves in the garb of public representatives. This group of politicians represents people as long as it protects their personal interests. However, when it comes to national interests like the ceasefire, they often embrace a deadly silence.
The truce is a good test for politicians. Their stance on the issue will determine who is against bloodshed in the country and who benefits from it. Afghan people, as the primary victims of the war, should also closely watch the situation and identify those pursuing their personal interests in the war, and no longer allow them to play with their fate. Peace and political stability is the greatest aspiration of Afghan nation, and whoever opposes that is the enemy of Afghan people and Afghanistan.



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