The movements against national values

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The weakness of central government is one of the major contributing factors to the numerous problems facing Afghanistan. In addition to areas over which insurgents hold sway, the central government apparently has no rule in regions under its control. The weak rule of law even in capital Kabul has allowed strongmen and irresponsible gunmen to commit illegal activities. This unruliness is not limited to only warlords. Now, individuals, who have no power and influence among people, not only challenge the rule of government but also disrespect the undisputed national values – something no one could even expect until a few years ago.
The central government’s weak position and preference for political compromise and deals over rule of law have sparked off a rising wave of anarchy and anti-Afghanistan movements in the country. Some opportunist circles working for outsiders are exploiting the situation even to embrace a stance that is against national values such as identity, because they are sure the central government cannot act against them.
A handful of people have recently started to hold gatherings in some provinces against Afghan as national identity. A member of Wolesi Jirga has even warned to declare north of the country as an autonomous region. There is still opportunity to control these circles. If the government and patriotic politicians work together, they can quell voices of the circles who are trying to sow the seeds of disunity and hatred among Afghan people.
Some politicians, who have no public support, and no political ideology and platform to offer to people but ethnic card, are exploiting the government’s existing shortcomings, and pursuing their personal interests. Besides the government, it is also the responsibility of people to know their true representatives. Instead of listening to the slogans of the divisive elements, they should maintain their national unity and prevent the designs of regional and global enemies from being implemented in the country. Afghanistan is the shared home of all Afghans, and Afghaniat (Afghan-centrism) is their collective identity; no one should excuse himself or herself from it. Our shared identity can bring us closer than separate us. After religion, it is our national identity that can give us a sense of oneness more than anything else can. The people should not be deceived by a few slaves of foreign countries for their interests. They should not allow these evil elements to sacrifice our national interests for the sake of their personal agendas. In Afghanistan, Afghans are all in the same boat. If it sinks, all people will sink together, regardless of their language, religion and race, except those serving for foreign countries, as they will be granted asylum by those states.

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