The consequences of Trump’s Afghan strategy

Sunday, 20 May 2018 03:10 Written by  Read 80 times

The United States continues to take actions that seem to be predestined to end up in failure. Although some analysts describe these steps as a repeat of past mistakes, Afghans cannot believe that a superpower can recurrently commit a crystal clear mistake. In view of the “games played by the United States globally,” it doesn’t seem realistic if the global power is lost in Afghanistan. The reality is that the US is rather playing adrift, seeking to pursue its interests in continued war in Afghanistan.
After taking up office, President Trump’s administration spent months on charting its Afghan policy. Since he had called Afghan war pointless prior to his presidential campaign, it was expected that his policy, as US president, would help bring the Afghan war to an end, and even a complete pullout from Afghanistan could not be ruled out. However, when he unveiled his Afghan strategy, it was simply “old wine in a new bottle”. The only change in the new strategy was that the troop drawdown will be guided by conditions on the ground rather than an arbitrary timeline, a shift that has unfortunately led to an escalation and protraction of the war instead of helping it come to an end.
While the West and Afghan government bill Trump’s policy as successful, the ground reality suggests otherwise. About a year after the announcement of the new strategy, not only has there been no promising progress, Afghan people also witness an unprecedented wave of violence.
The US insists on forcing the Taliban to the negotiating table, but the Taliban have become stronger more than ever. Four years ago, they were not able to capture districts, but today they take over provincial capitals. If they could kidnap passengers on highways in the past, they can now block the main routes leading between provinces for weeks. Moreover, the casualties of Afghan forces have hit alarmingly high due to the escalation of violence, and civilians also are equally bearing the brunt of the war. These all are the actual upshots of Trump’s strategy that had been warmly welcome and branded by leaders of the National Unity Government as extremely fruitful.
Afghans are the victims of American policies, and the ongoing bloodshed will continue in the country as long as Afghan government continues to blindly welcome and give the thumps up to foreign strategies.

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