Another instance of Pakistan’s duplicity

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One major factor of Afghan conflict is Pakistan’s hypocritical behavior. The country is publicly acting as a good neighbor to Afghanistan, but in reality, it has played a destructive role in Afghanistan since its creation. From supporting armed groups fighting the government of Shaheed Sardar Mohamamd Daud Khan to providing safe havens and training camps to the Taliban, preventing the formation of a strong, self-reliant government in Afghanistan is at the core of Islamabad’s policy. It has spared no means from proxy forces to economic pressures to weaken Kabul, and is even using a very destitute fabric, the Afghan refugees who have significantly contributed to the economic boom and prosperity of Pakistan as pressure tool against Afghanistan.
Despite being under international pressure for the duplicity, Pakistan has not yet changed its double-faced policy towards Afghanistan. Islamabad, which considers itself the main victim of terrorism, but is the main supporter of terrorism indeed, is not yet ready and willing to allow its religious scholars to issue a fatwa against the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
Following the Afghan peace conference in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, media reported quoting a top cleric of Pakistan’s Haqania madrasa that he has called on the Taliban to stop fighting in Afghanistan. However, the spokesperson for Mavlana Samiul Haq, the founder of the religious school, has rejected the reports, saying that no one on behalf of the seminary has urged the Taliban to give up fighting. Moreover, other Pakistani clerics who had attended the meeting in Jakarta have said that no discussions had taken place there about fighting or ceasefire in Afghanistan.
The stance of Pakistani clerics following the Jakarta conference is a recent example of Pakistan’s double face. By embracing such position, the Pakistani army, which controls all fabrics of the Pakistani society from clerics to politicians, further showed that it does not want the Afghan conflict to end.
To play with public perception, and relieve themselves of international pressures, Pakistani politicians portray that they favor the peaceful settlement of Afghan conflict, while they continue to support the militants fighting in Afghanistan.
Afghan government and the international community should no longer tolerate the duplicity of Pakistan. The West, especially the United States that has thousands of troops in Afghanistan, and whose presence has provided a justification for some people to fight, should take stern actions against Islamabad, particularly its military and intelligence leaders, or else it should not endanger the lives of Afghan people anymore through its military presence.

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